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These are architectural project that come out of my drawing, paintings and sculpture that address movement and composition in the age of plantationocene.   These project are made to engage modernization, industrialization, and colonial extraction and the ways we refuse structural power over our bodies.  I'm interested in who we demand to  live with liberation in these systems without the promise of stability or life.  We make liberations, small and large not knowing the outcome. I'm fascinated by indeterminacy. the improvisation of it, the fortitude and forms that are. The way we move  Black Compositional Thought. I've been working on this term for some years know and the phrase allows me the put into practice a conceptual scaffolding that I can build on over time.  For this exhibition I studied Liquid and the brain and wanted to back works about the  consciousness as we move with the water in our bodies.  We are people pulled from the water. Dependents of distance and  and particles and liquid memory. I know these forms are of these systems and of memory and energy my body is a vessel for.   My aim was use my mind and brain to create as composition that was of my condition.  I think I've done that.      Three main factors steady in my  conscious mind work are architecture, infrastructure and water.  This amalgamation in my living body is what I can critique and refuse.  To get into and ancestral place I have to conjure amalgamation to produce spatial compositions  

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