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Black Art in an Anti-Black World
D. Soyini Madison & Omi Osun Joni L. Jones

Assignment: Make a drawing and transform all your liquids and your shapes into actions moving through a tunnel while reading the text below.  

Timed Drawing:


Text: Read while drawing. Use materials of your choice.


Find a thorough way

Enough dispossession

Only environmental liberation


How can we as clandestine people hide our direction.  


Blackness Magnitude over direction




Transform your liquids and these shapes into an emotion.

I mean the liquid in your body.


It’s who I am. I’m passionate and emotional, wild and delicate, precise and haunting.  

Heavy handed and a soft hand 

The specter 



Capture how we move 

Use what we capture  


Perceive/be the monumentality and the quotidian 

I wanted to find a name for it, I wanted to find a rubric. 

I needed to find a method to produce 

Scalar Vs vector 

Magnitude vs direction 

Distance vs time 


I realized distillation was just the thing I needed to see how to think

From my studio in Newburgh, NY


Just a few drawings I look at often:

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