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For decades following my life in Mississippi, I've often collaborated  with poets, dancers, architects and musicians who experiment and invent with concepts of space. The film projects Liquid a Place was conceived as an interaction of variable performance components placing critical focus on this idea. Using liquidity as both metaphor and material in thinking about space, I invited artists to create work that combines hypnotic soundscapes , improvisational movement, poetry and storytelling , inspired by black life, more specifically black life form.  This organising principle of liquidity in relationship to sculptural space resulted in a series of blues songs, sermons, poems, and movements that expressed what everyday instincts for freedom and beauty look like on both micro and macro scales. While filming each performance there was a non-linear narrative of syncopation in relation to space and liquidity that became apparent. From here I'm using the moving images as a medium to collage the collective offerings from each artist into a syncopated film.   I aim to compose the footage into visual experiences that reflex freedom as a biosphere of expressions.  An affirmation of how black and brown people create form according to their own needs and desires.  

The first iteration of Liquid a Place was in London at Pace Gallery A second iteration of the sculpture  Liquid a Place is at Desert X .  My aim is to invite artist out to the desert and perform a second time.

Liquid a Place: The Film
in progress 

This film project has its roots in London: Stills 


Other Location TBD

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