Film: Liquid a Place 

At the center of this upcoming project I envision a two-chanel video installation titled Liquid a Place. This 12-min film uses liquidity as an organizing principle to think through textures, memory, architecture, and black bodies in the built environment.

Recognizing the body as a site of water and questioning the capability of water to retain memory, the film asks what kind of architectural memory does the body record and how do these  recordings become sensoria.

Here I'm looking at the capability of film to bring form to black compositional thought. 

Responding to London (sites TBD), I bring my history of dance, interest in texture, scale and architecture into this new work. 



 What I'm thinking:

Compositions that create tension between grounds.
Layers that bring into focus contradictions between the black modern and the industrial.  
Scale that speaks of quotidian beauty.  
Touch of agency and shape formations.  
Infrastructure that creates zones for stillness.

About space:


In collaboration with Spirit of Space.


Excited to talk to you about my easthetic decisions  here.  

The work below and the video on the background of this page  was made years ago. All filmed and edited by me.  Back then I used final cut.  yikes!  

I've always been interested in light, movement, contrast and 

texture.  Let's discuss.  

I'll add notes to this page as we move along.

Pace London



Hanover Square


Other Location TBD