Composition Class_Experimentation #1


Algorythmatic Blackbase_10: The Acute Awareness of Space, the Fugitive

Subject: Reductive Drawing (Sectional Views and the Politics of Fugitive Intimacy)

Texas Tech University: This workshop was supported by the Texas Tech School Art and School of Architecture

Handout: Designed by the artist. Contains, prompt questions, assignment, blank drawing sections, quotes and brief statement on composition.

Alexis McGrigg (MFA) MFA Painting Amy Kim (MFA) MFA Photography Bailey Manning BFA Painting Caleb Lightfoot MA Architecture Devin Ratheal (BFA) BFA Painting Jared Schroeder Creative Writing//Finance Juan Cruz (BFA) BFA Painting Kristen Mitchell BFA Visual Studies Mason Charanza Architecture Nate Collins BFA Photography Nicolle LaMere MFA Ceramics Patrick Quarm MFA Painting Rebekah King MA Architecture Rebekah Reyes Architecture Shannon Cannings adjunct instructor Sherlyn Hogue BFA