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Second Street Gallery

I was invited to produce a one person exhibtion at Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, VA .  While the exhibtions was on view the gallery kept SSZ and programed 24-hour artists residencies for local artists.   The gallery also invited students from UVA architecture department for a conversation on mobility and space.   Laslty, the gallery found local contractors to apply new cladding to the studio.

Katie Wood

24-hour artist residency

Noon, Saturday, June 18 - noon Sunday, June 19

Artist and Musician

Here’s an interview with her:

Ryan Gaguire

Ryan Maguire - Musician and sound artist, spent a few hours, made an original sound piece for the sounds of the SSZ, hear it here.

Ryan Trott

Ryan Trott - Artist and educator, spent a few hours, see more of his work  here

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