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Wynter Wells Drawing School For Environmental Liberation 

Wexner Center for the Arts, 2022

Drawing in the Water: 

Mining, Structure, Self and Liquidity in time of Extraction 

This session of WWDS will use abstract drawing methods to address deep sea mining as a set of systemic relations between architecture, geography,  history, distance and extraction. As an organizing principle we will concentrate on surface tension as a formal strategy  for mobile relationships. We will look at works by Sussan Hefuna, Mona Hatoum, Paul R. Williams, Ellen Gallagher and Avis Newman and think through ways artists and architects move from self-referential dimensions and the quotidian to phenomenological exploration and dispossession. 


Water color paper of your choice, 5 Pieces.

Drawing tool: ruler or straight edge 12".

String, clear tape, water color brush 

charcoal stick, pastel sticks, color of your choice.   


Watch and Listen

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